Online Casinos allowed to Advertise on Google in 2020 as Ban comes to an End

The United States has a changing gambling landscape and Goggle is making plans to alter its advertising stand. It is doing this so its policies can be compatible with this landscape.

The firm is making plans to put less attention on online casino advertising. In addition to this, it wants to do away with a sweeping ban the industry is facing. This is following a report put up by EGR. 

There is a growing sector in the United States’ market and Google is looking to take advantage of this. Due to this, changes will come into existence in 2020’s first quarter. Delaware and New Jersey have taken after Nevada in making online gambling legal. This was done in 2012-2013. Nonetheless, Google does not allow online casino ads in these three states.

Over the years, Google has had a restriction on online casino ads. This restriction is nationwide. While this restriction still stands, its policy regarding sports betting ads has been changed in certain states. This is due to the Supreme Court decision that took place in May 2018. This decision made it possible for various states to make sports gambling legal.

Google updated its games and gambling policy earlier in the month. According to this policy, sports betting are allowed in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Montana, Indiana, and Iowa. Furthermore, online gambling ads will be allowed in Colombia, Nigeria, and Kenya. No registration casinos

There is a Constant Evolving of Google’s Stand on Casino Ads

In June, Google started allowing ads for online sports betting that are legal for Google Users resident in New Jersey. Gaming operators in New Jersey that are licensed were permitted to put up applications for Google Adwords. This implies that those that got license and operate in New Jersey submitted applications. This was made known to via email in August. This mail was sent by Chris Harrison, Google Industry Head of Financial Trading and Egaming.

In an interview that took place in April, Chris Harrison, Google Industry Head of Financial Trading and Egaming made it known that Google has no plans of becoming a gambling firm. It simply wants to remain an advertising partner and technology firm. Chris Harrison made it known that the tech giant was working towards creating alternatives for a policy that was newly unveiled. This was a challenge and was difficult because of the inconsistency in state-by-state legislation.

According to Harrison, regulation is a major part of everything Google does. It is also regarded as a major sign. In addition to regulation, before Google makes a move, it considers how accepted gambling is in a particular state. That’s not all. Google considers it important to give customer concerns a great deal of recognition. Offering an opportunity for advertisers to make use of Google’s platforms and products is a lot different from black or white.

According to reports that came in on Thursday, a lot of progress has been made. This is because Google’s advertising position with the industry in its entirety has continued to evolve.

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