Three Months has passed but MoPlay Customers yet to Receive Winnings

When Betfred acquired Moplay in March, many players whose winnings were frozen were relieved as the UK betting company promised that all frozen winnings would be unfrozen. But it’s been three months now and the money is yet to be settled.

Early this year, MoPlay, a betting company owned by Addison Global stopped paying out funds to its customers due to its liquidation and withdrawal of its license by the regulatory bodies in the UK and Gibraltar where it is based.

The Crisis

Due to financial crises, MoPlay became insolvent and an application for liquidation was filed. This led to the withdrawal of its license and liquidation of the company. But in March, Betfred, a betting company based in the UK, acquired the database of Moplay players and promised to honour the cash balances in the accounts. The Guardian claimed that the data of about 180,000 players migrated from MoPlay to Betfred.

According to the e-mail sent by Moplay to its former customers, Betfred agreed to honour the cash balances of Moplay former customers in the UK and Ireland, provided the players register a new account with Betfred.

Some of Moplay former customers claimed that they had received their cash balances from Betfred but many are still expecting theirs. According to angry customers, Betfred has been selective in processing frozen funds. Some players even claimed on justice4punters, the popular online forum for bettors, that Betfred intentionally chose not to unfreeze their funds because they are long-term winners whose accounts had been restricted. Read all about Pay N play casino’s here. 

According to justice4punters’ spoke person, there is no obvious reason why Betfred should have been selective in their action. “It is certainly not clear to J4P why these customers are being treated differently.”

And what about Betfred?

But Betfred denied any wrongdoing and insisted that they did not restrict any player’s account – be it MoPlay or Betfred customer. They claimed they are following all necessary protocols in their action. “Our actions to date are 100 percent following the terms of the contract with the liquidator,” Betfred spokesperson said.

This is not the first time Moplay will be involved in financial disputes. In 2019, the betting company was sued by Manchester United for missing payment.

When Addison Global started operating MoPlay in 2018, it signed a contract with the Premier League’s most successful club as the official betting partner. In September 2019, the football club sued for $15.5 million.

According to the documents submitted to the Gibraltar Supreme Court, MoPlay’s financial problem was due to the failure to redeem over half of the $160 million backing it was promised before it was launched. The court papers also showed that Roderick Aycox, the American loan dealer, who was among the donors to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, was the owner and beneficial of MoPlay’s Addison Global.

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Three Months has passed but MoPlay Customers yet to Receive Winnings